Fakhrodin Mokhberi  was born on October the fifth، 1965 in Sarab a city of Tabriz province in Iran. He has been very interested in painting since his childhood and at the age of 19 started to learn painting. In adolescence he was keen on the works of some famous painters such as Morteza Katouzian، who is the greatest contemporary realist painter، and became his student in 1999. He had his continuous teachings as art series on a TV show called “We Are Returning Home” on channel five of Iran’s national TV in 2002، 2003 and 2004. He has also been selected as one of the top- hundred  artists on the American Art  Renewal  Academy chart  in 2012 and 2013. Mokhberi has already graduated in Master’s of Art from the British University of Derby and it granted its delegation in Iran to him. It is worthy to mention that، every year under his supervision، talented and interested students will be able to obtain Diploma and Associate  degree from this university

 : The most important exhibitions and art events that he has attended so far are as follows
2nd and 3rd biennial Iranian painters in 1993 and 1995
Group exhibition “Rozaneh-ee-be Bagheh Behesht” in Saba Gallery; group exhibition “Kara Atelier” in Sa’dabad Palace museum of Fine Arts in 2003
Group exhibition “Expectance and Justice” in museum of Tehran Contemporary Arts in 2008
Group exhibition with his students in Niavaran Complex in 2013
Individual exhibition with his 30 works  which was welcomed by foreign artists، aficionados and art  students in Nicosia، Europian Cyprus، in 2015
Being honored to participate in the International Action Art Fair in Rome، Italy، in 2019
Being honored to receive the fifth International Action Art Fair award for his contribution to culture with his artistic work in Rome Italy، in 2019
Being honored to receive the certificate of the Club for UNESCO of Piraeus & Islands and International ACTION ART honors for his participation in the fifth International Action Art Fair in Rome، Italy، in 2019


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